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Why Having Your Carpet Cleaned Professionally Is Important
19Jan 2015
Why Having Your Carpet Cleaned Professionally Is Important

Having your carpet cleaned professionally from a cleaning company is something that most people will consider at some point of their life. Often, when we buy a carpet, it looks beautiful, shiny and new and we imagine that it will last us forever. Over time however with grime, muddy shoes and general wear and tear, its shimmer and sparkle starts to lessen and leaves us with a carpet that practically looks like a former shadow of itself. Sometimes we find that domestic cleaning is the only answer we have left. So what’s to be done when it gets to this stage? The answer is simple. Hiring a cleaning service that is professional, fast and reliable when it comes to making your house look like a home again. If you have never hired a company like this before, here are some handy tips that can make it easier for you:

•    Establish what exactly you wish to achieve from the clean. A lot of time, cleaning companies will ask you if it’s stain removal or a deep carpet clean, or even something else. With all their expertise, the best thing is to know which areas of the house you want cleaned and what you want the place to look like. Once you know that, life is simpler.

•    And yet nothing is quite simpler than knowing that your budget is. Put aside a set amount for what you choose in a rug cleaning company and then inquire about a quote from different companies. Make sure that this no-obligatory quote includes VAT, because the last thing you need is a nasty shock when it comes down to the final price and you’re not sure what to do next.

•    When searching for a cleaning company, make sure they are reputable and honest. It is sad that there are so many rogue traders on the market that will think of absolutely nothing of telling you all the lies of the world and then departing with your money. Check their background first, what agencies they may be certified from and then proceed to request any sort of testimonials or proof of existing clients that are satisfied with their work and recommend them highly.

•    Ensure that all their team is fully licenced or staff. There is nothing worse than have an amateur clean the house, only to return home and find that half the carpet is missing, the stains haven’t been removed and the place just looks even more of a mess than what you left it as! Remember, if you are hiring professionals; it is in your own best interest to be hiring them to do your job properly!

If you find cleaners in the newspaper or somewhere where they are advertised online, make sure that you find out their normal prices as you may just really appreciate and like the job that the cleaner did and then want them back. Also inquire their name, so that you are able to ask the company for them again. It is important that if cleaning services are discounted, finding out standard rates, is the standard norm because your mind will tend to stick what you initially paid and then have a sudden shock reflex when they quote you the original price!