Mia Cleaners
     Consistent and efficient. Welcoming group to conduct business with.
E. Johns20/06/2024
     The cleaning crew members are polite, hardworking, and knowledgeable.
     Thrilled by the efficient and pleasant cleaner you supplied; she handles all tasks with ease and excellence. Thank you.
Hannah S.31/05/2024
     It's a relief to have found such a reliable and professional domestic cleaning company in Mia Cleaners London.
Beatrice Dale17/05/2024
     We were impressed by how quickly the admins provided us with competent and suitable candidates for our company.
K. Oscar29/04/2024
     This company is my top choice for any future deep cleanings after their exceptional service on my flat today. The results are outstanding and I couldn't be happier.
Lucia G.30/03/2024
     After numerous experiences with them, it's clear that the quality and reliability of work from Cleaners London's cleaners is unmatched - they truly are the best in the business.
Cheryl Jackson20/03/2024
     Reliable, efficient, and trustworthy - everything you want in a professional carpet cleaning service! Highly recommend.
Barb Billings01/03/2024
     Thank you for going above and beyond in ensuring my bathroom was cleaned to perfection.
Erica F.18/02/2024
     The cleaners' attention to detail was commendable. They showed up on time, were well-mannered and worked diligently to give my carpets and sofa a fresh lease on life.
Jay N.08/02/2024
     My sofa has never looked this good since I purchased it - thanks to the professional cleaning job done by the knowledgeable technician! They even shared helpful tips for maintaining its pristine look in the future.
Tyler Browning29/01/2024
      London Cleaners - excellent value for money with exceptional outcomes. So glad I went with them.
     They made sure that everything was clearly explained before beginning their work.
Isabelle A.18/12/2023
     Great upholstery cleaning service offered by Mia Cleaners London. Their cleaners were professional and very friendly. I will use your service again. Thank you.
      London Cleaners are cleaning angles! My house is sparkling clean and smells amazing. I would recommend their cleaning service, and I would use them once again.
      MiaCleaners offers exceptional customer service. Their cleaning service is outstanding. Thanks a lot!
     The cleaners showed up on time, and they did an amazing cleaning job on my sofa. If you need a reliable cleaning company. I highly recommend getting in touch with them.
     I am extremely happy following this carpet cleaning service. Their cleaners put a lot of effort into getting rid of all troublesome stains on my rug, and the result was outstanding. I am grateful.
     Cleaners from Mia Cleaners did an incredible job cleaning my apartment. If you need an end of tenancy cleaning service, I would recommend this company. They offer hassle-free service at an affordable rate.
     I got tired of unreliable carpet cleaning services, so my colleague recommended MiaCleaners. I loved your services, and the crew was accommodating too in fixing a few issues with my broken sink.
     As a bachelor, I don't usually clean much. When my parents visit, though, they know the difference between clean and shoving everything into the cabinets and under the bed. So I called Mia Cleaners for help in my disaster site. The cleaning firm did a magnificent job of fooling my mum into thinking I'd done it. Definitely the best value for my money. Thanks, ladies!
John Callahan03/07/2019
     Happy to recommend London Cleaners to anyone, they've helped me out with lots of cleaning services and have never let me down.
     I always use Mia Cleaners London for my end of tenancy cleaning after tenants have left and they always do a bang up job.
Keith Rogers17/05/2019
     A massive thanks to Mia Cleaners and the team who came around and rectified the state of my carpet. I now have a clean carpet thanks to their team. My carpet has never looked cleaner.
Tina S.18/04/2019
      Cleaners London provided the end of tenancy cleaning service I needed. My landlord signed off on the inspection and I got my deposit back. Everything was smooth and went according to plan.
Carissa S.13/03/2019
     I've used cleaning services before, but none measure up to those provided by Mia Cleaners London. They impressed from the get go and did a marvellous job.
Ana E.08/02/2019
     I can't thank their cleaners enough. Mia Cleaners London did a wonderful job cleaning my home from top to bottom.
Asha B.16/01/2019
     Excellent cleaning services, good prices and very quick work. Mia Cleaning Company did everything I needed and more.
Hassan Farouk28/11/2018
     Their domestic goddesses made my domestic cleaning task seem like a piece of cake. I can't thank the team at Mia Cleaners London enough.
Trisha S.09/10/2018
     Honest and dependable cleaning service. Cleaning Services London lives up to the claims on their website. I cannot see myself using any other service.
Catherine Porterhouse11/09/2018
     We were in desperate need of a deep cleaning service that could adequately handle hardwood flooring. We did careful research of all cleaning companies in London for a lucrative deal. As we had never used Mia Cleaners London before, we were feeling somewhat apprehensive. Happily, the concern was not necessary, and their workers turned a dull, old and dusky looking hardwood flooring into a fabulous and gorgeous, reflective floor.
Paola Lopez17/08/2018
     Absolutely superb job on my carpets. As there were more than a few cleaning services in London, I searched for the one with the best deal. I am happy I found them. I will call again and recommend to family and friends. Excellent job Cleaners London!
H. Blue02/08/2018
     As required immediate services, I needed a cleaning company located within driving distance. I searched and found an excellent crew. Good job done by Cleaning Services London, would use again. I recommend.
Angela Dickinson17/07/2018
     Their house cleaners have helped me achieve domestic bliss. London Cleaners surpassed my expectations. The standard of service was ridiculously high.
H. Miler11/06/2018
     I want to say a big thank you to Mia Cleaning Company for the great job they did with domestic cleaning.
Pia M.15/05/2018
      Cleaning Services London provided me with a domestic cleaning service that blew my mind. Everything was top-notch. The team made my house sparkle.
K. Dillon27/04/2018
     Their house cleaners impressed a great deal. It's little wonder Cleaners London are held in such high regard in the industry.
S. Lakeman10/04/2018
     We needed someone to do carpet cleaning for us when we moved out of our flat and Mia Cleaners London came very highly recommend. Pleased to say they didn't disappoint, fast workers and very good results.
Hilda Johns30/03/2018
      MiaCleaners completed my rather big home cleaning task with ease. It was a pleasure doing business with their team.
Scott R.27/02/2018
     I've always hated doing the house cleaning so I'm so glad I decided to call Mia Cleaners and book a regular session, saves me so much time and it's so cheap!
Carla Huston22/01/2018
     My office was a mess. Production had started to decline, and I got many complaints about the office cleanliness from my staff. I had someone who was entitled to clean and arrange the office, but his work did not give the expected results. The stains in the carpets seemed to remain even after my cleaner tried to get rid of them while the stain on my leather seat failed to come out even with much scrubbing. For the sake of the production levels, I decided that I needed to search for professionals for my office cleaning as I did not want to discourage clients from engaging our services, as the first sight makes a customer judge the entire business. I had heard my friend tell me about a cleaning service that handled his office cleaning, and that was when I made a call to my friend to recommend me the best office cleaning service he had ever used. My friend recommended MiaCleaners and without further ado, I made a call to their offices. The person who picked my call was so friendly. He promised to book their cleaning services for my office the following day, and at the exact time promised I had a couple of experts knocking at my door. They came prepared with all the stuff required for the job. I loved the fact that the one I talked to through the phone got everything right and the cleaners were aware of the results I expected. The stubborn stains in my carpets were nowhere to be found while the leather seat looked so appealing. Now, I am not scared of losing customers as my office is a place that is attractive and welcoming. All the files were neatly arranged, all surfaces and windows cleaned, and my current cleaner now maintains the neatness. I always hire this company once every month, as I came to learn that office cleanliness has a lot to do with maintenance of clients.
D. Harris09/01/2018
     I've never had cleaners who are so passionate and committed to what they do. I don't know where Mia Cleaners London found the people who work for them, but they are by far the best I've met, and so lovely too.
Gerald Blunt13/12/2017
     With Mia Cleaners at the end of the phone, I don't have to worry about home cleaning. They're cheap, cheerful, and importantly, do amazing work.
A. Jones20/11/2017
     The price of the cleaning services from Mia Cleaners made everything well worth it. The service was cheap, but top-notch in terms of quality. A great job.
L. Oliver27/10/2017
     Their home cleaning professionals were amazing. I'm so glad I hired Cleaning Services London.
Brad J.05/10/2017
     I wanted my floors thoroughly cleaned and at my age, I require help. By calling Cleaning Services London I expected a good service and immaculate floors, and they delivered just that. Furthermore, their prices were excellent and I recommend them to anyone who needs a good deal on home cleaning.
Susannah Green14/09/2017
     Once my office started building up with junk, I realised that I couldn't be productive with all the mess laying around and I had to call the pros. Mia Cleaners London arrived right on time and delivered an excellent office cleaning service, all at reasonable prices which I haven't encountered anywhere else. Thanks to them, it's back to work for me and I didn't have to lift a finger!
Adam Cook05/09/2017
     Upholstery cleaning isn't an easy task and it can be pretty pricy. But I entrusted the job to MiaCleaners, left it in the capable hands of their cleaning crew, and I was thrilled I did. I got a great deal in terms of the price and the level of service. I'm not out of pocket, and my upholstery's as good as new. The perfect outcome.
Amy S.21/08/2017
     Just wanted to share that I used Mia Cleaners London to help me with carpet cleaning and some smaller rug cleaning jobs today. They did a great job, my dogs are really hard on my floor covers! Very cheap service but high quality cleaners! Well done!
Emma G.11/07/2017
     After hosting a large dinner gathering at my home, my floors were a wreck, and the thought of cleaning them myself was a bit overwhelming. With the help of London Cleaners's services, I was able to get my floors looking in top shape again. They charged me a great rate for an exceptional floor cleaning service.
Jasmine L.27/06/2017
     I was tired of having to replace my carpet due to ineffective cleaning techniques. Well London Cleaners help me achieve my hygiene goals and without compromising on the quality of service.
I. Fox01/06/2017
     I realized the benefits of working with a professional floor cleaning company by investing in the services at Cleaners London. They not only offer affordable deals, but they also follow through to ensure that you are satisfied.
R. Stewart15/05/2017
     Fast cleaning service, very cheap, easy to contact. I am happy with the cleaning end results. Thank you Cleaners London!!!
Sara Fox25/04/2017
     The stress of keeping student accommodation clean was really getting to me as a landlord. I found Cleaners London just on time. Explained the situation to the helpful cleaning team, got a very affordable price that was within my budget. My accommodations now continue to do well, no complaints here.
Mary M.03/04/2017
     The best end of tenancy cleaning service I have ever hired! Mia Cleaners are real life-savers!
Emily P.10/03/2017
     Got a flawless office cleaning service at low cost! Cleaners London saved me money and effort!
F. Wolf09/02/2017
     Needed a house cleaning company that offered low prices and found one when contacted Mia Cleaners London. Pleased with their work! Would hire again!
     Went through several cleaning companies in London before finally settling on Mia Cleaners London because of their low costs. I had them over to help with a domestic cleaning job and they did something better - they got the home sparkling all by themselves. It took them an hour to make the place look great!
Frank Gordon07/12/2016
     Surprisingly good and cost-effective cleaning! Would recommend Cleaning Services London!
Martha K.25/11/2016
     Removing pet stains is not one my favourite things to do. My mother recommended Mia Cleaning Company and I gave them a try. Their cleaners arrived on time, cleaned my sofas, upholstered furniture and the carpets. I was impressed! No more unpleasant odours or pet hair all over my house!
     Our wall-to-wall carpets are pretty old and the landlord always has some excuse why he can't afford to replace them right now. We called Cleaners London when we found out they have a great reputation for cost-effective carpet cleaning. Their reputation is well founded. I can stop bugging the landlord about the carpets now. They really came back to life.
Malcolm H. 28/10/2016
     I recently had a hardwood floor installed in my living room and it looks amazing, but I didn't want to try and clean it myself for fear of scratching it or damaging it in some other way. I turned to Mia Cleaners for their professional hard floor cleaning services and they left my floor sparkling. Thank you, I'll be contacting you for other jobs soon.
Miranda Cook28/09/2016
     Absolutely brilliant cleaning services from Cleaning Services London. Hired them yesterday to come over and do the house cleaning and they hit the ball out of the park. Excellent work from start to finish!
     We used London Cleaners last week, when relocating to our new apartment. Let me start by saying that the place was in a dreadful state. The walls were stained, the bathroom was mouldy and the kitchen countertops were super greasy. Luckily we had these guys on our side. The team was extremely hard working and left everything spotless. Excellent!
D. Oliver21/07/2016
     My house gets messy pretty fast and I hate cleaning. Cleaning Services London has come to my rescue every single time. Since they are affordable I don't have to worry about the money and yet it saves me time and allows me to have a leisurely time after work. I have been using their services for over two years and would be happy to recommend them to anyone looking for a helping hand around the house.
Susan M.23/06/2016
     My toddler spilt her juice over my cream sofa the other day and it left a horrible stain. I was at a loss for what to do but, thankfully, my sister recommended Mia Cleaners London and they were able to come out the very same day and remove every trace of the stain. Highly recommended!
Deborah Dalston31/05/2016
     I'm here to send a quick message to MiaCleaners to thank them for their amazing office cleaning service. My office now looks immaculate and it's all down to this amazing company. Great job!
Laura Foster21/04/2016
     I was thrilled with Cleaning Services London when they called in and cleaned my home for me. I had been away working out of town for a while and on my return couldn't believe how dusty and grubby the place was. I hired these cleaners and they did a spectacular job of cleaning all over and removing dust and dirt leaving my home fresh and clean.
Martha C.13/01/2016
     I'm not as fresh and energetic as I used to be, and in my old age I've had a lot of problems with my joints and back. Because of this, I've found it increasingly hard to keep up with all my cleaning chores, but Mia Cleaning Company has been a massive help! I was really surprised by everything they did for me for such a low price, and I was so satisfied my first time around that I set up a regular plan straight after! They've saved me so much time, and all the cleaners are very polite.
Pam L.21/12/2015
     Various medical problems mean that I've been struggling with various domestic chores for most of my life. When it comes to cleaning, although I'd like a totally pristine house, with my issues it can become quite the ordeal very quickly. London Cleaners offered a comprehensive cleaning package for a very affordable price, and hiring their services has made my life so much easier. Now, I never have to worry about getting the place cleaned myself, or the embarrassment that followed whenever someone popped round unexpectedly. Keep it up guys!
Caroline H.17/11/2015
     I desperately needed someone to clean my home in time for my move, but I didn't have a huge budget. Problems with my move meant that I was out of pocket, so I really struggled to find a company that could provide me with the service I needed. I was so glad to come across Cleaning Services London. They gave me a fantastic service that wasn't too pricey, and there were no extra charges either! Thanks so much!
Dina S.14/10/2015
     Another great carpet clean from Cleaners London! I've used their service a few times now and I'm still blown away by their results...it's like having brand-new carpets, and I am thrilled with the cleaners and their hard work. Great work!
      Mia Cleaning Company are a splendid cleaning firm who I plan on hiring again. Their expert services gave me a top team of cleaners to handle all my cleaning work. If I need a top-notch clean again, they will be who I will call.
Janet Green24/09/2015
     From my experiences with them, Mia Cleaning Company definitely take what they do seriously. From customer service to the brilliant cleaning job that they delivered in my house, the entire process went far better than I could have ever expected.
     My wife and I retired four years ago. Our daughter who lives three blocks away insisted that we hired someone to do the house cleaning. Although I was hesitant at first, I decided to give it a try. Mia Cleaners offer complete value for money and efficient cleaning services. We are now enjoying our retired life without having to worry about the hassles of cleaning our home.
George B.19/08/2015
     Looking for a professional cleaning company that won't let you down and that will make the job convenient and easy for you? That's easy, just hire London Cleaners. I use their sofa cleaning services but I have heard good things about their other services too from friends who have hired them as well.
Gertude B.07/08/2015
      Mia Cleaners London are the best cleaning service I gave used. I hired them to regularly help with my cleaning and they were easily better than similar services. I had never been good at keeping my home clean so having them to do it for me was a godsend. They worked hard to keep my home clean and ensure that I can enjoy my home.
Michael Kane31/07/2015
     I moved abroad a couple of years ago and I had been trying to sell my property back in England. I wasn't able to over that time and decided to rent it out instead. I knew it needed a thorough clean and called Mia Cleaners London as they are known to be the best cleaning company locally. They did an amazing job for me and the property was rented out very quickly. I now plan to use them whenever I have a changeover clean to do!
Patti Schneider 14/07/2015
     I was fed up of trying to fit in the cleaning at the end of a busy day. I hired cleaners to deal with the office cleaning from Mia Cleaning Company. As it wasn't a big place, I opted for twice a week a cleaner to come in the evening for a couple of hours to dust, polish, empty bins and vacuum and mop, just general cleaning, to keep the place tidy, and save me the job. The rates are affordable and the service first class.
Mark Miller03/07/2015
     We are a business located in the heart of a big city; having gained a lot of experience with different commercial cleaning companies, we have found the one that suits us the best - Cleaning Services London. For the contract of a given length they would come on a regular basis and clean our offices. They have never let us down and they have kept impressing both workers and clients with excellent cleaning services. After I have found out that they provide domestic service as well, I am totally willing to try this agency for myself!
Amanda Grey23/06/2015
      Mia Cleaning Company provided our company with expert office cleaning. They sent us a group of professional cleaners with a lot of equipment. The task at hand was cleaning our office rooms and they have done so excellently. I have never seen those offices so neat and clean. I think they will be coming here again, because all of my colleagues were just as impressed as I was. They cleaned not only the office rooms but also the corridors and walls in the main entrance. This seems like a really good agency.
R. Cart17/06/2015
     I have a very busy taxi firm here in town which has been running for more than ten years. For the whole of that time I have used Mia Cleaners London to clean my office space because I already knew their name from seeing their vans in the area. I have never been let down and only ever been delighted with the quality of their office cleaning. As you can imagine, we are open 24/7 and so there's always someone at the office. This company's cleaners are so efficient that you barely know they're there and so it's business as usual when they come to do our cleaning.
Dave Truman10/06/2015
     A clean office is a productive office, I have always thought, so I needed or keep my firm looking its best. My team and I are too busy to do a thorough job ourselves, so I consulted Cleaning Services London. They were able to give me the advice and services I required, and I soon hired them. Their team take care of all my cleaning work and make the office look great, so our work is great too.
Georgia Daniels26/05/2015
     My team had moved into a new building and we were shocked to find it in a messy state. There were stains, dirt, dust and grime and we knew we couldn't operate in such an environment. The problem was, though, that we didn't have the time to do it ourselves. That's where Mia Cleaning Company came in, because we hired them to handle things for us. Their expert staff arrived and quickly got to work, eliminating all the dirt and mess from the building. Within a day, things looked much better and now we can work in our new location comfortably, thanks to their hard work.
Gerald Thorndike15/05/2015
      MiaCleaners's team of expert cleaners provided us with an excellent rug cleaning service. They did such an amazing job that when my landlord came visiting, she asked me if I had placed new carpets! Apart from the fact that the cleaners were skilled in the task, they also used quality products and equipment. I am definitely going to call them again in the near future.
Samuel Cook07/05/2015
     Just want to say a huge thank you to the staff at Cleaning Services London for completing the end of lease cleaning at my sprawling six-bedroom house. The estate agent and landlord are very strict about cleaning guidelines and so I wondered if I would be able to clean this huge house all by myself. I called this company on short notice but they landed at my door in no time. They did an impressive job with the house cleaning and the price I paid was a lot cheaper than what other cleaning agencies quoted. My landlord was happy to see the sparkling bathroom and spotlessly clean kitchen.
Sean F.02/05/2015
     There's a lot of stigma around hiring professional cleaners to come and take care of your cleaning; that is why I was so on the fence when deciding to hire a cleaning service. Cleaning Services London proved me wrong and I am now so happy that I decided to hire them. Sometimes when life gets too chaotic, the last thing you want to do is to clean. Thanks to this service I feel much better at home and so do my kids. I suggest you consider calling them if you need to have anything cleaned in your home!
Angela P.27/04/2015
     I don't always have an expendable budget when it comes to cleaning, however I figured that it was wise to let the professionals do their job. I tried looking online for a decent cleaning company until my brother told me about London Cleaners. He told me that they were affordable and reliable, so I decided to give them a try! WOW! They left my house sparkling and beautiful! Can't thank the cleaner enough!
Will V.15/04/2015
     My job is so demanding and with early morning starts, I barely have time to make my bed. I always come home tired and I didn't really know what to do. I'd get my friends and family to help me clean everything; however that could only be going so far. I used to worry about the burden that I would be putting on them until I found Cleaners London. I am so thankful and glad that I did!
     As a mechanic, I'm more interested in the cars than keeping the space tidy. But I've been told it's good for business to have a neat work space. I wasn't going to waste time pretending I could clean it myself. Rather, I called in a proper cleaner from Mia Cleaners London who does the job the way it's meant to be done.
Dean P.23/03/2015
     I am great with house cleaning, really and I genuinely enjoy it too. But ever since I have been promoted at work I had to work long hours - and in a couple of months my home turned from fairly clean to a huge mess. I hired MiaCleaners because I knew that I had no other alternative - and truly, they were amazing. There's not one part of my home my cleaner left without polishing to perfection!
Lilly P.17/03/2015
     It turns out when you need a cleaner around the Christmas period; everyone else also needs a cleaner! I contacted a whole bunch of cleaning companies but they all said they were unavailable. That can't be good for business! Mia Cleaning Company were by far the best people to talk to during the busy season. They treated me like a human and actually had time for my inquiry. Even better, they didn't bump their prices up ridiculously and they had a cleaner to me on the day and time I requested. Thank you so much!
Jacqueline N.09/03/2015
     I was in need of a cleaning service to sort my house work, as I was busy with work and family life. I was given the details of a company nearby called Mia Cleaners London, so I decided to arrange a meeting. I booked an appointment to get a quote. I was happy with the price and arranged a cleaning date, and couldn't wait to get the work done. When I did have the service I was so pleased, and the results were amazing for the money.
Lee Hubbard20/02/2015
     I needed a professional building cleaning service to tidy up after my home renovations work. I wanted a quick clean up so I could start to move my belongings back in. Mia Cleaning Company were great and really did a fast and efficient service within my house. It didn't take long and the results were great. There was a lot of rubble, cement and paint to remove. It was a big job and I was happy that I employed an expert.
Kathleen J.13/02/2015
     I have just had my carpets cleaned by Mia Cleaners London and they did a wonderful job. I was in need of a cleanup service as the dirt was mounting up on my carpeted flooring. I didn't have enough money to buy new ones so a friend suggested I hire a professional service. I booked a meeting to get a quote, and as I was so pleased with the price booked a cleaning date. The work went well and the results were fantastic. I couldn't believe how clean they were when the cleaners had finished. It has saved me a fortune than you!
Sherry Wood06/02/2015
     I was moving overseas for a year and need my house cleaned before I rented it to new tenants. Mia Cleaners did a wonderful cleaning job and really got the place back in shape. The cleaners were very hard working, and covered every little detail. I was very happy with the fee and the service.
Marcos Hicks29/01/2015
     I was very pleased with the cleaning company I hired recently called MiaCleaners. I didn't like cleaning a lot and was busy with work so decided to hire a home cleaning service. My house was beginning to look grubby so I chose to have a spring clean service first followed by a weekly tidy up to keep everything in order. The cleaners arrived with plenty of detergents and tools and got on with the job. The results were fantastic I was so pleased. The price was good too. I would certainly suggest if you need a reliable and reputable cleaning company to hire this professional company.
Emma Spencer23/01/2015
     We're a student house, so we'd originally thought getting a cleaner might be a bit lavish. But with all of us busy so often and with the cleaning quick to pile up, we decided to splurge on one big clean and decided to turn to Cleaning Services London to help us out. The house is like new now, it's just a much nicer place to be. We'll definitely be hiring them again soon, I think, might even make it a regular thing. Either way, I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the services which they provided, they were really very helpful.
Carole Fowler07/01/2015
     The last time I had a party at my place, my house ended up looking like a trash bin the next morning. I was too tired and frankly, the work was a bit too much for me, so I decided to call in a cleaning company. When the cleaning lady from Cleaning Services London arrived, I thought she would complain about the amount of work but she went ahead in the most diligent manner and was done within four hours. When she left, my house was looking cleaner than it ever had. So now I know who to call when I am in a cleaning crisis.
     Since we had just moved into our newly renovated place, we didn't want to replace the floor boards that were scratched during the move. But at the same time, I couldn't stand to let my kids and pet add to the dust that was already gathering in the cracks. After much contemplation, I thought of giving Cleaners London a call and there is no other decision I have been more glad of. Not only did they make my floors clean and shine, they also miraculously erased the scratches that made my floor look ugly. Thank you very much. I am never going to think twice about hiring them again now!