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What is Scotchgard and How Does it Work
27Oct 2016

Scotchgard carpet protection
Are you tired of looking at stained carpets and dirty rugs that, once cleaned, remain clean for just a few days before their looks are once again spoiled by a nasty stain or trodden-in dirt? What if there was a way to protect your carpets from getting dirty and significantly extend the intervals between carpet cleaning sessions – now, wouldn’t that be great?! Well, here’s some good news for you – there is such a way and it’s called Scotchgard.

What Is Scotchgard?

Scotchgard is a special chemical designed to protect fabrics from staining and dirt build up. In fact, Scotchgard is actually a brand name that has become the synonym for this type of treatment. This product has become very popular in recent years and many professional cleaning agencies offer Scotchgard treatment for carpets and rugs as a way of extending the duration of the results of their carpet cleaning.

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How Does It Work?

Scotchgard is a chemical which is part of a group called fluorochemicals. It works on the principle of reducing surface tension and thus making the fabric it is applied onto less absorbent. In essence, Scotchgard is a water repellent product that, when applied on, say, a carpet after a carpet clean, gives it a non-stick surface and reduces its absorption properties. As a result, it will be harder for a stain to set in or a spill to penetrate the surface of the carpet after it has been treated with this product – instead, liquids will form ‘beads’ and remain on the surface of the carpet where they can easily be wiped off from.

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Scotchgard Is Not a Magic Solution

Although it may sound like Scotchgard is a magic treatment that can prevent the need for rug cleaning altogether, you should not assume that after your carpets are treated with it once, you can forget about cleaning them forever. It would be great if that was so, but the truth is somewhat different. Scotchgard has its limitations too.

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First of all, it is not impenetrable by all kinds of liquids – if the liquid spilled on the carpet is left uncleaned for a longer time, it will penetrate into the fibres and leave a stain. So in that sense, Scotchgard acts as a barrier to stains that just gives you time to react, but if you leave the stain untreated, stain removal later on will be just as hard as if the carpet wasn’t treated with any protector.

Secondly, if you don’t vacuum the carpet regularly, it will still look dirty, even if it has been sprayed with Scotchgard. This product doesn’t exempt you from house cleaning; it just gives you more time to clean the stains off.  

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What Can Scotchgard Be Used On?

Scotchgard is not meant exclusively for protecting carpets and rugs. It can be applied on a number of other fabric items as well and give good results. Apart from being a popular treatment applied after carpet and rug cleaning, some of its common uses include protecting canvas shoes, bathroom mats, aprons and even beach chairs from staining.

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Is Scotchgard Worth the Investment?

The answer is a big Yes! Even in the cases when if your carpet has a built-in stain resistance, it is still worth investing in Scotchgard protection, as chances are the carpet manufacturer’s treatment will wear off as time goes by due to wear and tear, spills, accidents, constant traffic and regular carpet cleaning. By applying Scotchgard on your carpet after a deep clean, you can restore its stain protection and make it easier to clean spills and stains off its surface.

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As you can see, Scotchgard is a useful tool that you can employ in your quest for a cleaner home. It won’t eliminate your need to clean altogether, but it will make the job a lot easier by giving you ample time to react to accidents and spills and prevent them from becoming ugly, deep-set stains.

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