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How To Save A Fading Patio
04Sep 2015

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You were so proud of your new patio, but it felt like no sooner had the slabs been laid down and you were sitting in the sunshine in your garden, the colour started to fade and it’s never quite been the same again.

The instinct reaction for most people is to invest in a pressure washer, which is an effective short term solution, but you will find that the need to pressure wash your patio increases with every wash.

The reason for this is that regular pressure washing of your patio will slowly remove the hard outer layer, causing fade to be more frequent and leaving you stuck in something of a Catch 22 when the method you have for cleaning your patio is the same thing causing it to need regular cleaning.
There are several alternatives to pressure washing that can be a lot more effective when it comes to cleaning patio slabs and dealing with the issues of fade.

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Bring in the professionals

If you are in a position to do so, then the easiest and arguably the most effective way to maintain that new patio look is with regular professional cleaning. You should not need to do this more than twice a year, it makes sense to time this through the spring and summer months when the most sunshine is likely to be present and damaging your patio slabs.

Professional cleaning helps to bring you piece of mind, guarantees that your cleaning will be done to the highest of standards, and, perhaps most importantly, saves you from having to do the hard work.

Finding the right professional cleaners can be challenging, start by asking friends, family and neighbours, you will be surprised to learn how many people have required the services of such cleaners. If this is unsuccessful then there are many sites on the internet where cleaning services are reviewed. These sites will bring you a good idea of what you are dealing with and the right cleaners for you.

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Use a sealant

Sometimes this is all it takes to make the difference. Make sure you ask help online or from your local DIY store to find out the correct sealant to use with your patio slabs. Certain sealants perform much better with certain types and styles of patio.

Using a sealant can negate the aforementioned issues surrounding the damage done by pressure washing, and can also enhance the longevity of your patio slabs, causing them to fade less often if at all.

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Colour Enhancers

Another member of the sealant family, colour enhancers are very useful for those who are fond of how their patio slabs look when wet. Enhancers will bring out the richness of colour that is present in wet patio slabs and also lessen fading issues substantially. Wet look sealants will also give a similar effect, but using a separate sealant and colour enhancer will create a stronger and longer lasting effect.

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Linseed Oil

Linseed oil is an old trick amongst builders when it comes to reducing fade and returning brickwork to its natural and original colour. The connection to patio slabs is a newer discovery but there is evidence that brushing hot linseed or flax oil over your patio slabs can bring back their natural shine on a lower budget than other options. Obviously the effectiveness of this trick depends on the kind of paving slabs you have, it is always sensible to speak to someone in the know for advice before trying lesser known remedies.

Your patio does not need to look faded, with these tricks you can maintain the natural colour of your patio slabs and have your garden looking good as new all year round.

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