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How to Clean Your Sheepskin Rugs in Fulham
28Jul 2015

cleaning sheepskin rugs

Natural sheepskin rugs can make a wonderful addition to your home in Fulham, but you need to clean them regularly to keep them looking their best. Sheepskin rugs need different care than other types of rugs, and cleaning them might pose a problem if you’ve never done it before. Make sure you’re caring for your rugs by cleaning them properly – if you don’t know how, then this how-to guide is all you need for professional cleaning tips!

rug cleaning

1) Sheepskin brushes before rug cleaning.
Before you begin rug cleaning in SW10 it’s important to brush your rug using a sheepskin brush. This won’t only help to remove loose dirt, but will also help to remove matting and ensure that your cleaning process is much more effective.

cleaning products

2) What to use for cleaner rugs.
You need to make sure that you’re using the right product to clean your rugs in Fulham, SW6, otherwise you might cause accidental damage. The ideal choices for sheepskin rugs is sheepskin rug shampoo. You want to avoid any alkaline cleaning products, as these can harm your rugs. Never use a normal clothes detergent to clean your rugs, as these can be too harsh and potentially damaging. You need a product that will clean both the wool and leather of your rugs, so it’s best to choose a product specifically created for the job.

start cleaning

3) Where to begin your rug cleaning.
Depending on the size of the rug, you can either use your washing machine or soak it in a bath. It’s best to use a cooler temperature to avoid matting, and always wash using the delicate wool cycle. Make sure to add your rug cleaner shampoo instead of traditional detergent!

hand washing rugs

4) Hand washing your rug.
If you’re washing your rug in the bath then gently swirl the rug around the water. Avoid harsh movements and never scrub at the rug. Any aggressive cleaning motions while the rug is wet will cause matting, so take care and be patient when swirling the rug to remove dirt! Get rid of the water in the bath and replace with water but no product. Swirl the rug around to make sure no product is left, wring as dry as possible and place in the washing machine on a dry cycle to help it to dry.

dry your rugs

5) Drying your rug.
You need to be careful when drying your rug in Fulham. Rugs are ideally dried in a natural environment, such as outdoors. Choose a day that has little sun, as the heat can stretch or shrink the leather of your rug in SW6. Place your rug outside and stretch it out to its correct shape. It might take a while to dry, but this is a much better alternative to drying on a radiator, as the heat can damage your rug beyond repair. You can tumble dry your rug on a low heat, but make sure it’s the lowest setting and be aware that this can take a very long time!

clean rug

6) Before your rug dries.
Before your rug dries it’s a good idea to give it another brush with your sheepskin brush. This will prevent matting and ensure that your rug will dry in the best condition possible. Repeat this step again once the rug is completely dry to  ensure that it’s as clean and as fluffy as possible!

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