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How To Clean The Dirtiest Places In The Office
11Sep 2017

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It is not easy to maintain thorough cleanliness in an office since it is large, with different areas and there are a lot of people who are accessing these places. Sometimes it may be difficult to detect any dirt in these areas since no one is paying much attention or it could be there is no enough or extra time to check or clean these areas. Some of the dirtiest places in the office include: the elevator buttons, telephones, keyboards, the bathroom faucets and also the coffee pots among others. Therefore, it is important for a company to invest in excellent cleaning methods and cleaners to ensure that these areas are cleaned as well. Remember a clean office creates a healthy and conducive working environment.

Tips on how to sanitise the dirtiest places in the office:

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Use spray cleaners

Some areas such as the keyboard are not easy to clean in between the keys and therefore to ensure that they are clean and prevent bacteria from building up, use a spray cleaner whereby you spray it on the keys and wipe using a clean towel. Just ensure that you don't put too much spray to avoid wetting the device. You can ask for a referral from a cleaning company on the best cleaners to use when cleaning your keyboards and other sensitive office devices since they have enough skills and knowledge regarding the best cleaning products.

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Use microfiber

A lot of cleaners use microfiber clothes when cleaning up especially the areas that tend to harbour dirt since the material helps in eradicating all the dirt in those areas. The material is also quite convenient to use in various devices since it does not cause any damage such as scratches. Some of the best places to clean with this clothing in your office is the computer monitor or the laptop. Note that before you start cleaning the screen, you should disconnect it from the power source to avoid electric shock in the case where the power cable comes into contact with water.  

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Create a plan for cleaning these areas

Most of the times we fail to keep these areas clean due to the busy schedules that we have in the office. But remember that for you to be productive, you ought to work in a healthy environment. One easy way to ensure such places are taken care of is by coming up with a cleaning schedule whereby you set up a specific day to do your office cleaning. If you are a busy professional, you can always hire a commercial cleaning company to be coming to your office to do the cleaning for you. Ensure that you stick to the plan and all these areas are cleaned as scheduled too.

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Disinfect on a daily basis

Keeping bacteria and germs at bay is one way to achieving a safe and clean office. Therefore make sure that all the surfaces and areas of the room are disinfected on a regular basis. Some sectors like the keyboard and the area around your desk can be disinfected on a daily basis.

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If you own the company it would be best to hire a professional cleaning company to do the job. Generally office workers keep their desk clean but they cannot sanitise it fully and that is where professional cleaners come in. They know where the dirtiest places in the office are and how to clean even the hard to reach areas in the office.

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