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A Guide to House Cleaning in Mayfair: Just Like the Professionals Do It
29Apr 2015

house cleaning

Professional cleaning help is an ideal shortcut to a clean house in Mayfair. But if you would prefer to do the tasks yourself then this is the guide to refer to. Read on to discover how to clean like a professional.

scheduled cleaning

•    Schedule cleaning as a routine task
It is best to set up a fixed weekly cleaning schedule and more importantly you need to stick by this schedule. If you want to walk into a pristine home in the W1K area every day, you need to put in the effort needed. Don’t forget to set a time for the entire home cleaning task so that you know you are being too slow if you exceed the set time.

cleaning gear

•    Gear up
Before you get to the cleaning task, change into washable clothing that has been designed for domestic cleaning. To make the work easy and comfortable, buy supportive shoes, kneepads, goggles, aprons and gloves. Gloves are absolutely essential to prevent any harm to your hands, especially chipping of finger nails. You may think that an apron is not necessary, but you will be surprised with its usefulness. An apron helps keep tools and supplies at your fingertips.

proper tools

•    Invest in the right tools
Don’t waste money on flimsy departmental store cheapies; instead invest in sturdy, reliable cleaning tools for your hom ein Mayfair, W1J. Here are some of the basic materials you need to keep handy: towels, bleach, disinfectant spray/wipes, light evaporating cleaner, glass or multi-surface cleaner, degreaser, tile cleaner.

declutter your home

•    Clear the clutter
It’s not easy to do a house cleaning job if the countertop and tables are strewn around with miscellaneous items. So start your task by collecting these random items and placing them in the right location. Start with tidying up worktops, tables, atop of cupboards and fridges and then move on to items lying on the floor. It is essential to clear up all the clutter including toys, dishes, and papers lying around the house. You will be surprised to see how your house in the W1K already starts looking a lot tidier and cleaner! You are now ready to start with the real task at hand.

cleaning products

•    Collect all tools and cleaning materials
Have you ever seen a professional cleaner scurrying for the mop, towels or the cleaning liquid? They have everything handy and in the right place. Your cleaning tray in Mayfair should include everything from detergents to tools, brushes, rags and any other items needed to finish the task.#

jot down chores

•    Make a list
It is best to make a list of the areas you want to tidy up. Start by dusting the ceilings, vacuum the doorways and then gradually move on to the bedrooms, living room and finally the kitchen. Mop hard floors and remove stubborn stains from the carpets. Clean the windows and mirrors using a damp newspaper or glass cleanser. Now use a disinfectant spray to wipe all the tables and other surfaces. Move on to the kitchen and start by degreasing the hob and the oven. Keep bathroom cleaning as the last task.

clean with both hands

•    Use both hands
It is best to use both hands when attempting any cleaning task. For instance, spray a mirror with your right hand and wipe it with the left.  

cleaning team

•    Team effort
Why not ask your partner or children to help you with the cleaning if you think it is too much to be done on your own? Not only do you get company to chatter away while you are at the task but the work also gets done in half the time.

professional domestic cleaners

•    Observe and learn
The next time you call in professional cleaners do make it a point to learn a few tips from the way they go around tidying your house. They are the ones who know the art of speedy and efficient cleaning. You will observe that they don't waste time, and know exactly how to work fast and right.

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