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Why Should You Avoid Using Disinfectants in the Kitchen?
18May 2018

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The invention of disinfectants is credited to Joseph Lister. Since the late 19th century, these chemicals have been used in hospitals and other settings to reduce infection and sanitize surfaces. Today, many people use disinfectants in their kitchens when doing the house cleaning, and this might be doing more harm than good to them. So why should you avoid using these chemicals in the kitchen?

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They Often Make Bacteria Stronger

Normally, bacteria are not killed when you use small amounts of disinfectants. In such cases, these microorganisms only get stronger and more resistant to the chemicals. Also, the bacteria don’t react as expected if you mix different disinfectants in the wrong way. The risk here is that the balance of good and bad bacteria will be affected and you won’t have a way of getting rid of the new super-bugs. Ideally, disinfectants should rarely be used, and whenever you choose to use them, make sure you follow the recommended directions properly.

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They Can Cause Infection

Disinfectants are made of harmful chemicals. They can kill bacteria and other microorganisms, but they can also do a lot of harm to human beings. A key ingredient in disinfectants is phenol, and this has been known to cause various side effects, even in very small amounts. Exposure to this chemical can lead to respiratory problems, circulation issues and damage to the heart. It can also damage the kidney, liver, and eyes. In fact, nonylphenol ethoxylate is illegal in Europe because of its health effects. Other ingredients used to make disinfectants are suspected to cause cancer and liver damage. Whenever you use the disinfectants in the kitchen, you run the risk of leaving the residue of the chemicals around the room. The kitchen is the place where meals are made, and utensils are stored, and that means people can easily end up with the chemical residues in the mouths. So it is not wise to use these substances when cleaning your kitchen.

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Do Cleaning Companies Use Disinfectants?

Professional cleaners often carry disinfectants and sanitizers as part of their cleaning supplies. The house cleaning service is likely only to disinfect surfaces that are often touched and those that are generally known to harbour germs. Cleaning professionals will usually just clean your kitchen with the intention of removing visible debris, dust, and dirt. The process will not kill bacteria, viruses or fungi. Some cleaning companies will go a step further and sanitize your kitchen. This will not involve the use of disinfectants. That being said, if you only hire professional cleaning services once in a while, you can use these chemicals to mitigate germs.

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Many people like to carry out deep cleaning of the kitchen regularly. Disinfectants are often used in these processes. These chemicals should be avoided if you are cleaning the kitchen since they can easily get to your utensils and food. In this way, the chemicals can cause infection. The ingredients used to make disinfectants have been associated with serious side effects. When misused, disinfectants can also make the bacteria resistant to the chemicals. That is why it is a good idea to use green cleaning alternatives such as white vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda. They will not harm your health but ensure a safe and clean living environment.

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