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The Dangers Lurking In Your Dirty Oven
08Jul 2016

grimy oven

When doing your kitchen cleaning, you would be wise to complete it with a healthy dose of oven cleaning as well. The oven is one thing that many people neglect for too long, and many a times that becomes problematic. The dangers that may start lurking inside present only too much trouble for you and all that trouble is better dealt with pre-emptively. The importance of oven cleaning is not lost on anyone who is well aware of what awaits them if they neglect the oven. And here is a sample of it all:

greasy meals

#1 – Grimy Surfaces and Greasy Meals

The worst thing about a poorly maintained oven is that the walls become grimy and greasy, and it only gets worse from there on. Whenever you are cooking, all that grime and grease affects the quality of the food you prepare. Even if it does come out as you wanted it, you should not be surprised that it smells like something you cooked yesterday, and tastes somewhat greasier than intended. It’s all a consequence of a badly taken care of oven, so don’t make that mistake.

germs in your oven

#2 – Germs and Health Hazards

What does grime do when left unattended? It does just what every other dirty spot in your house does – it collects germs. And while turning the oven on does turn the heat on them and kills many, germs can survive cooking, and guess where they end up? More often than not, in your meal. And what do germs do? Yes, they damage your health and bring illnesses that you do not want to have to deal with. The benefit of having a clean oven is that you do not have to be afraid that your food will kill you.

poses fire hazards

#3 – Clogging and Fire Hazards

If grease and grime spread, sometimes they reach the heaters or the oven fan. At that point the appliance itself becomes a huge problem. That smell you can sniff every time you cook will not be coming from your overcooked meal, but from the burning dirt on the heater, or the fan’s difficulty to suck in all the steam because of the dirt-laden spinning. And when the two of them become too much, guess what comes? That’s right: fire. And that is not a word you want to hear in your kitchen or house.

oven cleaning

Dealing with the Oven

It’s typically not at all difficult to deal with oven cleaning. Many people today simply use the services of a cleaning company. A maid will take care of it in no time at all, and there are many offers that make it all affordable. And if you want to do it yourself, there are quite a few options for that as well. But do make sure you don’t use chemical-filled oven cleaners. They will add another problem to the list above: toxic meals. Browse online to search all the green and eco-friendly methods instead of looking for heavy-duty cleaners. There are a few very simple approaches, such as the ones using boiling water, ammonia, and especially vinegar and lemon juice. All it takes is a bit of hard scrubbing every month or so and you will always have a clean oven with very little effort.

oven cleaners

Your oven requires attention just like everything else in your home. And you would be wise to pay that attention, lest you want to risk germs, health and fire hazards, and, worst of all, bad food. Keep the oven clean to keep the meals fresh and healthy, and avoid all the dangers that will usually lurk behind that closed door.

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