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Make The Job Easier With Our After Builders Cleaning Advice
07Mar 2016
Make The Job Easier With Our After Builders Cleaning Advice

Builders’ cleaning is always a real hassle. Even if your builders have managed to clean up most of the mess, there’s always going to be dust and dirt that travels around the house, no matter how well the building work area is contained and sectioned off. It’s inevitable that after the builders have gone, you are going to have to do a bit of cleaning, even if you employ the most basic and only the pure essential cleaning techniques in order to get your house clean. But give our hints and tips a try and take your cleaning to the next level.

1.    Take a walk around your house.
Walk around your house from room to room, getting rid of any obvious bits of rubbish, such as rubble and plaster. Doing this will make the other cleaning jobs significantly easier.

2.    Get rid of the dust.
During most types of building jobs, dust often cakes every surface of the house and lingers around for days and weeks on end unless properly cleaned. Although it may not be clearly visible, just run your hand over a wall and look at all the dust and dirt that comes off. This can be easily sorted using a soft microfiber cloth and some warm water. Dampen the cloth and gently wipe down your walls and ceilings if you can. Don’t rub too hard because you might scuff off some of the paint. To get to those hard to reach areas, get yourself a bendable duster, and for those delicate smaller items, use a paintbrush. Use your vacuum cleaner to get rid of dust from all the surfaces you can see and reach, and polish as you go.   

3.    Vacuum clean.
If you’ve got an old vacuum cleaner, it may have lost some of its suction power. It could be worth investing in a new one that comes with a range of different attachments and can be used on different surfaces. If you don’t fancy shelling out for a new vacuum cleaner, hiring one is always an option. Industrial type vacuum cleaners will work like a dream on your floors, and a steam cleaner will clean up any dirt and dust on your carpets and rugs. It’s advisable to vacuum twice; once straight after the builders have gone and before you do anything else, and again when all your cleaning jobs have been completed.

4.    Window cleaning is a quick process to complete and will work wonders for all your rooms.
Make up a soapy water solution and wipe your windows down from top to bottom. Then buffer and make them shine with some scrunched up newspaper, rinse off with clean water and dry with a clean cloth. For the best results, get up a ladder and clean the outside of your windows, but only if you feel it’s safe to do so.

5.    Mopping.
Mopping is a great and simple way to remove dirt and dust from hard floors. Vacuum clean, mop, then vacuum again for the best results. Although this may feel like a long, arduous process, this really is the best way to go about things, and it will become evident once you’re finished. Dampen your mop with some clean water, or soapy water, put in some muscle and get mopping. Then mop again to get rid of any soap suds and leave to dry.

6.    Professional cleaners can help you get the job sorted.
If the mess is too much for you to handle, call a cleaning company, explain your situation to them and let them get to work so that you don’t have to.