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How to Speed Clean Your House in Highbury
03Jun 2015

speed cleaning

House cleaning in Highbury is a difficult chore and it consumes a lot of time. However, if you do it smartly and effectively, you can get rid of all your house junk in no time. Speed cleaning your house is quite easy if you follow some amazingly easy tips. Here are some fantastic tips which will reduce the time spent on the job.

home cleaning plan

1.    Make a list and devise a plan – Before beginning the actual domestic cleaning process in N5, make a list of all the areas which need to be cleaned. Decide which sections require ‘heavy’, ‘moderate’, and ‘casual’ cleaning. Divide all rooms and parts of your house based on the kind of cleaning required in these rooms. Once you are done making the list, devise a plan accordingly and also provide a specific time frame for your plan. A definite time frame will push you to perform the task quickly. Start with the least favourite task because in the beginning your productivity will be at its peak and completing the most boring task in the beginning will boost your energy.

put everything in order
2.    Put things in order – First have a close look at your house in Highbury, N1. Go to all rooms and look for things that are misplaced and scattered. It is important that you first keep all things in place and clear the clutter because cleaning becomes easy when everything is at the right place. Keep all the books in shelves, arrange all the CDs and DVDs lying everywhere. Stack the magazines and newspapers properly. Pick up those dirty clothes scattered in your bedroom. Keeping all these things in appropriate places will ensure that you do not waste extra time in house cleaning.

vacuum cleaning
3.    Dry to wet – This is an important rule of speed cleaning. Start with dry cleaning and then move to wet. Begin with removing dust from the furniture and valuable objects and getting rid of all the cobwebs. Then vacuum your house. While vacuuming, ensure that you reach all corners and parts of your house. To save time, use a powerful vacuum cleaner. Tasks like mopping the house using water should be done at the end.

cleaning solutions
4.    Use the right products – The market has plenty of products and gadgets which help in domestic cleaning in the NW1 district. If you are looking to save time, then you must use some of these products. A good cleaning solution will get rid of all the stains and dust without any trouble. At the same time, using a dust remover can be effective when you are battling against time. However, be sure of the products that you are using as some products may not be appropriate to your house settings.

floor cleaning
5.    Focus on visible parts – Speed cleaning is all about performing the tasks smartly. One such smart technique is to focus on areas and objects that are visible. If you take proper care of these visible objects then you will realize that you are done with the majority of your home cleaning in Highbury. In the living room, focus on sofa cleaning as sofas are among the most visible pieces of furniture. The show case in the living room and surfaces in the kitchen should look clean and shiny. Remove dust from windows and clean using a damp cloth or a detergent.

cleaning services
6.    Get help from a cleaning service – There are a number of professional cleaners who will help you in your cleaning process. These contractors are quick and quite reliable. You can always hire a service which gets rid of all the junk and waste in a short time.

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