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How to Clean and Sanitise a Mattress
12Oct 2015

Mattress Cleaning Guide

Cleaning the mattress you sleep on seems logical, yet many people never consider this chore. Learning how to do it properly is important, because you likely spend a third of the day lying and sleeping on it.

Mattress cleaning is not that difficult actually. You just have to learn a few specifics on how to do it and you will be set. Keep in mind that this is an important task you have to take care of, because your mattress might contain portions of oils, dirt, some chemicals from toiletries and perhaps even pollen, unless you take a shower every single night. That is why you will do good to take the following tips in mind and get down to cleaning straight away.

Cleaning Mattresses

- Take care of the linens first - before you get down to actual mattress cleaning, you will do well to strip the bed and linens and give them a proper wash. Remember to take a look at the labels and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. It pays to use the hottest water and dryer setting, as that would kill the most dust mites and sanitise your bedding. As you wait for the washer and dryer to do their job, turn your attention to your mattress.

Steam Clean Mattresses

- Vacuum it first - take out the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner and give you mattress a proper clean. Begin at the top and work all the way down in narrow, preferably overlapping paths. Don’t forget to vacuum the sides of your mattress as well. A good portion of all dead skin cells among other nasty spoils will be removed from your mattress that way.

Domestic Cleaning Services

- Proceed with deodorising - if you are rather displeased by the aroma of your mattress, caused by it handling all the sweat, dust and other spoils, it is a good idea to deodorise it. This can be done easily - all you need is some baking soda. It is a natural cleaning solution that does wonders in deodorising. Sift some all over your mattress, let it sit for 30-60 minutes and vacuum it up. There is a clever trick that will allow you to enjoy a great aroma for a few nights. It involves adding a few drops of essential oils to the soda before you sift it.

Stain Removal

- Dealing with stains - should a stain occur on your mattress, it is important to keep in mind that treating it as soon as possible may save you a lot of trouble. Also remember that blotting, not rubbing, is the most effective way of stain removal. Use a clean dry cloth to collect excess moisture with pressing motions. A mixture of baking soda, salt and water mixed to a paste will do really good. In case you need something stronger, try 2 parts hydrogen peroxide mixed with one part dish soap. Apply the mix, brush it with an old toothbrush and wipe after few minutes.

Clean Mattresses

- Consider more thorough mattress cleaning - there is nothing quite like having your mattress thoroughly sanitised. Unfortunately, doing this on your own is possible only if you have the technology and specialised equipment for the job. Other than that, you can hire mattress cleaning professionals who will come with their own gear to work on your mattress and truly sanitise it properly. People with allergies as well as people with especially dirty mattresses will do well to acquire the help of such services, for it can really make a difference.

All of these tips will enable you to have a better sleep at night, knowing that your mattress has been sanitised. It doesn’t take much to make that happen, so you shouldn’t really hesitate.

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