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A Handy Guide for End of Tenancy Cleaning in Wimbledon
23Jun 2015

end of lease cleaning

When the time comes to move out of your rented accommodation in Wimbledon, there’s plenty that you need to be getting on with. With your mind cluttered up with details of your approaching move, one vital aspect of the move that tends to get overlooked is the all important task of end of lease cleaning. It’ll be a shame to forgo your deposit just because you haven’t taken the time to give your house the once over and rectify any problems that you come across. Landlords are meticulous when carrying out their final inspections and some will do everything in their power to withhold your deposit. Don’t give them the opportunity to come across any problems, and follow these top tips to ensure that your house in SW19 is in tip top shape and ready for that final inspection.

end of tenancy cleaning

1.    Don’t leave everything to the last minute!
Give yourself plenty of time to prepare for the inspection. Start a few weeks before the day of reckoning so that you have the time to cover everything that’s required.

systematic house clean
2.    Take a walk around your house and sort out any problems that you notice.
Put yourself in your landlord’s shoes and take a walk around your house in Wimbledon, SW20. List the items that need cleaning, fixing or replacing so that you know what needs to be done. Get to these in order of importance and leave yourself plenty of time to sort out any major problems.

kitchen cleaning
3.    Keeping your kitchen clean.
Kitchen cleaning is tough, time consuming and requires a lot of effort. Make no bones about it, the process is going to be an arduous task, but start well in advance of your move and you’ll defiantly have the time to make those all important areas glisten. Ovens can be a nightmare to clean, with oil splatters and bits of food lodged in the corners, but in actual fact, a simple baking soda-water solution should do the trick. When oven cleaning, make up a paste with equal parts baking soda and water and slap onto every interior surface of your oven, giving it a good old scrub as you go. Leave overnight and it should create a thick crusty layer. Next, spray with some white vinegar and scrub away the paste. This method should not only make your oven look very clean, but it will also sanitize your oven and eliminate any unpleasant odours and food smells. You can apply this technique to a range of different kitchen appliances; it can be used to clean the inside of your fridge, freezer, microwave and various others, so you definitely won’t have to worry about going out and buying any fancy cleaners or specialist products in the SW19 area.

move out cleaning
4.    The little things really do make all the difference.
Clean your walls and ceilings in Wimbledon. Depending on the colour of your walls, it may not seem as if they attract dirt and are clean enough to pass the inspection. But if you’ve never cleaned them before, run your finger over your walls and you’ll be amazed at the amount of dust that comes off. Thankfully, all you’ll need for this job is a packet of soft microfiber cloths. Take one of these cloths and dampen it slightly with some warm water. Then gently wipe down your walls from top to bottom. The water will act as an adhesive and will cause the dust to stick to the cloth. You’ll be amazed at how clean your walls look when you’ve finished implementing this method. Do the same for your ceiling, if safe to do so, by standing on a chair or ladder and giving your ceiling a good clean.

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